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Dare with Chirrup


Camilla Dempster

Back in 2012, I made the choice to up sticks, rent out my house and move half way around the world to Kuwait . This was the most scary and tough (yet simple and powerful) choice I’d ever made. Adjusting to life there did take time however, it did allow exceptional growth. It’s so cliche to say but magic really does happen out of your comfort zone. And as my mum says – everything happens for a reason. That reason for me was to gain a massive mindset transformation, build my own business and meet my now husband.

Because of this daring change I was able to change – and from that now I am able to facilitate change in so many others. I teach women to ditch the binge, guilt, restrict cycle – and nothing fills me with more joy



Eleanor May C

I took the plunge to start teaching yoga full time straight out of university… getting a graduate job related to my first degree would have been the easier financial option.  However, I decided to start hustling for yoga classes, and use the time between classes to work on my blog and organising events. I’m so passionate about supporting the health and fitness scene in the North of England, I’ve swapped a 9-5 for working odd hours 6 or even 7 days per week but it is so worth it. Seeing happy clients and connecting with fellow yoga teachers, bloggers and businesses makes my heart sing


Dr. Katerina Vasilaki

A few years ago, I felt I needed more creativity within my career as a dietitian and I dared to give up my day job to chase my dream of an online business. I loved blogging, and by teaching myself how to do food photography and simple website design, I founded “The Mediterranean Dietitian”, a website to support those interested to cook and follow the Mediterranean diet as a long-term healthy lifestyle. I love every minute of it!


Romy London

Back in June I made the decision to leave my fulltime job behind and work for myself instead. I had not felt happy working for someone else’s dream for a long time, but always thought I can’t just get out of it. I’m so happy to have finally made the decision to trust in the universe and do what my soul craves to do.


Amie Forster

I quit my job to pursue a career I really loved!


Sophie Parker

I decided to move out of London and back to my parents house, after living nearly 4 years away from home. I didn’t have a job lined up, so the three months off gave me the chance to start my gluten free food blog. I now work in PR/social media and moving back home was the best decision I ever made!



When my youngest child started school 18 months ago, I decided to start blogging about what I shop, cook and eat. It was like an overnight decision that felt right, and I didn’t think anymore about it; I just quickly found people who could support me to get started! Armed with a plan, I committed to writing each week and not letting anything get me off track. I decided not to be put off by questions of whether I was getting paid, or where it was all heading. I felt good things would eventually happen if I gave it my heart and soul. This was about sharing my passion and hopefully people may be inspired along the way.


Rose Smith

Took the plunge and made my self-employed brand into a fully blown company with a physical address!


Dimple Thakrar

Leave the NHS and transition from a traditional Dietitian to a relationship coach.


Fran McElwaine

Turning my health around, and using that experience to study Functional Medicine and change my career in my fifties.


Ciara Kelly

I am a qualified doctor and blogger on the side, and I am really passionate about preventive medicine, public health and individual well being. I took a big decision this month to organise a series of ‘Wellness for Doctors’ events for my fellow junior doctors at my hospital.  These events are going to be run over a two week period at the end of June, will be totally FREE to attend, and will include events based on key pillars of health.