What is Chirrup?

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Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free cookie for the daring and adventurous with an edge. Crickets could help in providing a solution to global warming and global food scarcity which are two very big and real problems. There are no eggs, dairy or animal protein sources in the cookies. The cookies are made using cricket powder and plant proteins. Cricket powder has a whopping 62% of protein per 100 gms but it takes a fraction of the feed, water and land resources as compared to more traditional protein sources like chicken, steak and beef.  Compostable packaging is a thing and the cookies are on board!

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The Chirrup Story

The Daring Cookies made with Cricket Flour

Organic: you know you’re getting the finest quality unadulterated ingredients

High Protein: they’re chock-full of protein (10 gms of protein per cookie )

Free from: Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. No artificial preservatives, flavours, GMO’s.

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